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featured Feb 6 2023 (modified Feb 7)
2022 Dorothy Chun Award

Congratulations to Maritza Medina González and Debra M. Hardison. Their article, Assistive Design for English Phonetic Tools (ADEPT) in Language Learning, has been …

featured Jan 31 2023 (modified Feb 2)
Call for papers for a special issue on Indigenous Languages and Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) with Technology

About This Special Issue

Guest Editors: Paula Winke, Michigan State University, USA, and Kadidja Koné, Ecole Normale d’Enseignement Technique et Professionnel …

featured Jan 19 2023 (modified Jan 24)
Welcome to 2023!

V27N1 Issue News & Announcements

We wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year 2023!

LLT publishes new content every other week. Stay …

featured May 18 2023 (modified May 18)
2022 Annual Report Available
We at LLT are happy to announce the Annual Report for 2022 is live and can be accessed via the LLT website.
featured May 2 2022 (modified Jan 20)
Call for papers for a special issue on Artificial Intelligence for Language Learning

About This Special Issue

Guest Editors: Mark Warschauer and Ying Xu

The capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), as well as the global …

featured Apr 21 2022 (modified Jun 30)
Soliciting New Review Articles

We are pleased to announce that LLT is soliciting Review Articles and that Professor Yu-Ju Lan of National Taiwan Normal University will be the Associate Editor …

featured Mar 1 2022 (modified Mar 1)
Thank Yous and Welcomes

We would like to thank the following Editorial Board Members who are being rotated off for their years of service. We are …

featured Feb 7 2022 (modified Mar 30)
2021 Dorothy Chun Award

Congratulations to Liudmila Klimanova. Her article, The Evolution of Identity Research in CALL: From Scripted Chatrooms to Engaged Construction of the Digital Self, has …

LL&T and Quantitative Research: Some Points of Advice Jul 21 2022 (modified Aug 4)
  1. The research questions and/or hypotheses should organize the report with concurrence among the methods, results, and discussion. These questions/hypotheses should be …
Continuous Article Publication Model Dec 2 2021 (modified Apr 22)

Starting in January 2022, LLT will transition from a tri-annual to continuous article publication (CAP) model. The implementation of the CAP model will make …

New Year, New Beginnings Jan 31 2022 (modified Mar 1)

As announced in the LLT October 2021 issue, LLT is adopting a continuous article publication (CAP) model. The implementation of the CAP model will …

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