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Volume 27 Number 2
February 2023
Special Issue: Semiotics in CALL

About this Issue

From the Editors: The diverse contributions to this special issue showcase a vast epistemological breadth of topics and issues in the study of semiotics in language learning and teaching. As CALL theory has shifted from a purely structuralist approach towards a holistic and transdisciplinary view of language acquisition (Chun et al., 2016; Kern, 2021), the articles in this special issue shed light on learners’ ability to manipulate and interpret a broad array of linguistic and non-linguistic sign systems. Additionally, these articles navigate across culturally situated semiotic forms, materials, and virtual social contexts. The diversity of thought and ideas in this issue helps to move semiotics in CALL to the forefront as a more prominent subfield with new categorizations and theorizations.

Voices from LLT - A conversation with Lara Lomicka and Liudmila Klimanova